The Word

  • Posted : 28/07/2005
  • Name: Alison Salmon
  • Subject: You should have a feedback option


" Query ref: OLQ 310429
Email sent 28/07/05:

This isn't a query, just a thankyou. I got my order yesterday and it works perfectly! an exceptionally quick arrival, thankyou very much. You should have a feedback option too!!!

Alison Salmon
" "

Scan's Action

" Following Alisons email and feedback from other customers we decided to implement The Word page on our website, which now gives us the chance to post feedback such as hers, for other customers to view. It is very important for us to encourage, listen to and consider all our customer comments, whether positive or negative and indeed it is the negative or constructive feedback which allows us the chance to highlight areas for improvement. We are constantly challenging and improving our service and we hope this reflects our commitment to our customers.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "