The Word

  • Posted : 01/12/2005
  • Name: Mr Nigel Berrington
  • Subject: Make your Confirm Order page clearer


" Hi Roksan,

I really do think the site is great generally (I'm a web developer too!), apart from this little niggle, so my suggestions to help others not make the same mistake would be as follows:

1). On the "Confirm Order" page, get rid of the second "Confirm Order" button, as it gives the impression there is more than one option.

2). Make it clear in the "Secure Visa" text that this is entirely optional. - If it takes a little longer to authorise if the customer chooses not to use "Visa Secure", then just say that on the page in the text

3). Have two clearly labelled separate buttons, one that uses "Secure Visa" (or mastercard etc) and takes customers to their bank's page, and another that just does the transaction without secure visa.

4). On the Secure Logout page, how about a big message saying that the order has been accepted.

That's all. Hope this helps.


Nigel Berrington "

Scan's Action

" Thank you to Nigel for this feedback. We did add an additional section on the "confirm order" page which explains the VBV process more clearly. We're also pleased to say that we are in the middle of a massive redesign of our website which shoudl be going live very soon anyway, and we think that will address the other suggestions regarding the layout and design of the ordering pages.

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Service Manager. "