The Word

  • Posted : 07/11/2005
  • Name: The Funding Company (PLDT)
  • Subject: Q Collect issues


" Hello Elan,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your input on Saturday. Your help was much appreciated.

Just so you have the background to my visit on Saturday…. I initially ordered via your website on Friday and selected Q collect. Because I was in a meeting my wife actually placed the order using her card. I called on Saturday morning as it was confirmed that the order would be ready to collect. I then received a call to inform me that the processor was in fact not in stock. I wasn't offered an alternative which, as the processor I had ordered has been superseded, maybe I should have been. I agreed to collect the remainder of the order but was told that the whole of the initial order would have to be cancelled and I would have to re-order, minus the processor, when I arrived. I did specifically asked if I would have to wait in a queue and was told it wasn't busy. I was probably in the queue for an hour and the rest in history!!

On the confirmation e-mail which arrived after the initial order was placed it stated that the goods will only be given to the buyer on production of the card used plus ID. I have just tried again and there is no warning of this before a card is entered. Just a suggestion but it may help if your customers knew the rules before actually committing to buy.

I have been buying IT from Scan for a few years now and have to say the service has been totally superb. I often wonder if you have a local happy factory where you acquire your staff as they are always happy and polite on the phone. Usually efficient too. This all makes a pleasant change in today's world so well done.

I am currently working for a small but growing charity in Liverpool ( and will be buying PC's etc. as time progresses. Rather than buy standard PC's which usually arrive pre-loaded with useless software I will probably build them myself. I will certainly order from Scan when the time comes.

Please don't be offended by my comments above, my criticism is meant to be constructive. You have a cracking business there and it is nice to witness the enthusiasm and passion which makes it a success.


David Wiles. "

Scan's Action

" Following Dave's conversations with our Directors, we had a meeting to discuss the areas he highlighted. The outcome of this was that we redesigned a few procedures and with some extra training of our shop staff we managed to solve the internal issues which caused the delays for Dave.

We hope to look forward to his continued custom in the future. :)

The Scan Team. "