The Word

  • Posted : 26/10/2006
  • Name: Jeremy Wilkinson
  • Subject: Where is your Privacy Policy on the website?


" Could you tell me what you privacy policy is. I cannot find one on your site & am wary of supplying personal data that may be used in discriminately for marketing purposes.

I am about to place an order based on a recommendation in PC Pro magazine but am suprised that you do not state a policy on data protection on your site.

Many thanks "

Scan's Action

" Following Jeremy's feedback we realised that indeed we did not have a Privacy Policy live on our website. We did have one worded out, but when we had a big redesign of our website some time ago we had forgotten to put it back. No-one had ever asked to see it until now and this has reminded us to put it live again! :)

The privacy policy is now live on the website and we thank Jeremy for his feedback. :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "