The Word

  • Posted : 05/12/2005
  • Name: Mr Bowden
  • Subject: Website not showing correct international prices


" Why can't you take a leaf out of's book and clearly indicate postage to N.Ireland and include it in the total - instead of adding another day's delay while you remind the customer (me) of something I already know, then show administrative incompetence while I acknowledge and
wait patiently while the order is recalculated further delaying my order. Would it be so difficult to sort your web interface to calculate postage based on the delivery address? "

Scan's Action

" We thank Mr Bowden for his feedback. Since his email we have made changes to the system which calculates the carriage online for our customers and Northern Ireland carriage can now be calculated at the point of ordering. The only areas which this system doesn't yet cater for is ROI and Channel Isles, mainly due to the postcodes. For these areas we still have to calculate the carriage manually and our Customer Service team contact customers back before the order ships. Were working on it though and we hope to cater for all non-mainland UK and ROI orders better in the near future. Watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Service Manager "