The Word

  • Posted : 15/11/2006
  • Name: Darrell Baston
  • Subject: Why do you send your Delay Emails so late at night?


" I have just recieved an email and sms to say that my order is delayed due to stock shortage. I find this both rude an inconvenient that you notify customers of delays in their orders once your office is closed so that the matter cannot be rectified in order to meet your estimated delivery date.

I took care to ensure that when I placed the order all items were showing as available as I am in a hurry for the items. This is not the first occasion this has occured and I would like to be advised how you intend to improve your ordering system to prevent customers like myself taking their business elsewhere.

I look forward to your response. "

Scan's Action

" We apologise sincerely to Darren for letting him down in his order. We totally understand what he is saying about the delay notification emails going out late in the evening and indeed this has beena topic of discussion for quite some time.

The problem is a logistical one and it's quite difficult to solve. If we get the system to run the auto delay email email rule at 4pm for example, then it would end up sending out twice as many emails and half of them would be unneccesarily sent. We despatch up to 8pm at night, so for us to email anybody with a delay email if their order hasn't gone by 4pm during the day is not correct, as we would be unneccesarily worrying people and essentially giving out a lot of incorrect information.

At the moment, the absolute safest and most accurate way to work it is if we run the rule at 8pm, just after the very last Citylink collection has been and gone for the day, so we know that the only orders who get auto delay emails are the ones which physically cannot still be despatched that day.

It's an excellent point that Darren makes though. If people knew that something was going to hold up their order before the end of the working day then Customer Services could have the opportunity to take a call from them, amend their order and still try to ensure it gets despatched that day. As it stands I think it is fairly inevitable to say that the majority of people who's orders are delayed due to stock issues, get delayed for at least 1 working day even if we are in a position where we can amend that order.

Having said all that, we're pleased to say that we are actually looking into a way that our systems can activate the automated delay email a lot sooner and we're hopeful that with all the new developments to our warehouse we've recently had, this idea can be implemented now.

Watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "