The Word

  • Posted : 22/11/2005
  • Name: Shandy Tailor
  • Subject: Suggestions for website - log out button etc


" Please can you include in the logged-in page 3 extra items :-

1) - The name of the user logged-in
2) - A 'Log-out' button
3) - Have a facility where you can start an order on one day and carry-on with the same order on the next day.

Point (1) would be useful when you use multiple id's to order various items.
Point (2) would be useful for when you cannot remember who you logged-on as (without having to go all the way to the 'Account' screen.).
Point (3) would be useful for when you start an order at work, but want to carry-on with it when you get home or vice versa. "

Scan's Action

" Following Shandy's feedback we have added a "logout" button. We are also working on a massive redesign of the website at the moment which should address the other suggestions.

We thank Shandy for taking the time out to contact us with feedback and please watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Service Manager. "