The Word

  • Posted : 30/12/2005
  • Name: Neil Squibb
  • Subject: Get rid of your 0870 number!


" Pricerunner & other engines often list your site for compatitive price, but you have dropped your low-cost geographic phone no., and give no email address on your site which given the usual expensive wait on a 'saynoto0870' phone line at 5p/min ott, is discouraging to enquire further on a search engine lead. - from an old customer "

Scan's Action

" We thank Neil for his feedback and loyal custom over the years. When we took the decision a few years ago to go ahead with such a massive expansion of our in-house UK call centre, as you can imagine it increased our overheads immensely. We balanced this cost with our belief that any investments in our customer service are absolutely worth while.

Some companies were getting rid of their call centres and customer service department, chosing to go all automated to reduce overheads - we did the opposite and invested more money into our staff. Some would say this was a risky move especially in light of ever tightening margins right across the industry but we still firmly believe an investment in your customer service is the most important thing.

Taking all this into consideration we took a business decision to implement an 0870 number simply to recoup some of those costs - but it certainly was not done as a "money-making exercise"! :)

All that said, we're pleased to say we're now working on a new system whereby customers can ring us free using TalkScan VOIP. It's still a work in progress but watch this space and we'll keep you updated.

Thanks again to Neil for his loyal custom.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Service Manager "