The Word

  • Posted : 03/06/2007
  • Name: Ellen
  • Subject: Confusing star ratings system


" I was looking for an external hard drive and usb stick and saw what I wanted. I also saw stars beside it. Some were white, some filled, some orange. The USB stick i wanted was white. Does this mean it's not good?

I looked at the site to find out what the ratings meant and how they were collected (staff/users?).

I couldn't find the info. Would be useful, e.g. on the home page. Or am I menopausal?

Dr. Ellen "

Scan's Action

" Thanks to Ellen for her feedback. We're planning on a massive redesign of our website over the next few weeks the focus being on making the whole ordering process much more streamlined, informative and customer friendly. Indeed the feedback you've given us about the star ratings system will be resolved in the natural course of this.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Service Manager "