The Word

  • Posted : 25/04/2006
  • Name: Mr Walker
  • Subject: Have an openly visible list of your pending OLQs


" You should have an area that you can see all your submitted support tickets with an option to close them and also how long they have been open for this is a great way to see how fast online support is and gives greater flexibility to the users of this website.

This is also good if you cancel an item you can track it's progress. "

Scan's Action

" We thank Mr Walker for taking the time out to send us his feedback. His suggestion for an online "pending list" for OLQs is really interesting and unusual. We are a very transparent and upfront company in our approach to our customers, indeed The Word page very much reflects this sentiment especially when you look at the constructive criticism page. We certainly will consider the suggestion from all angles - indeed we have been discussing the same thing in our recent management meetings.

We would like to have a way to advertise our "average response time to a logged query" or "average time taken to complete a query" more clearly on the website, or at least give customers more control over their query - perhaps make reference to it as a pending query in your "My Account" section. I would say that there are problems aswell as advantages to having an actual pending list like this openly viewable for all to see.

We need to consider people's privacy - we certainly couldn't post names on there and really couldn't put invoice numbers either or the content. So literally it would just be a list of query numbers and dates/times and I'm not so sure how helpful that would be for people. Also, it is impossible for us to deal with our customer queries in an exactly chronological nature. Some queries take a matter of seconds to deal with, some take minutes, some take hours and on rare occasions some take days if it's something we need to investigate further before we can resolve. We cannot predict the timescale involved in a query, it's only something that you discover as you go to deal with it. In light of this any "pending OLQ list" openly displayed on the website might indicate an "unchronologically fair" method of dealing with queries. eg. we may then have people unhappy that their OLQ is still in the pending list but 3 others that were behind it in the "queue" have already disappeared off the list and have been completed.

Also, as we have one OLQ logged by invoice number, that is reopened and used as a central source of all queries relating to that order, you sometimes have a situation where perhaps someone has order in April, rung up once to change something on the order (which would be logged) then rang up again in June to say that their hard drive for example is faulty (which would reopen the original OLQ and we would add further notes in. However, the date of the OLQ remains the same as it originally was. What this would mean is that suddenly you would see a query that appeared to be 3 months old on the "pending list" but in fact it's one that's only been there pending a new issue for a matter of hours. However, you can't go off the date of the latest note as that wouldnt be fair either as there could be several notes for one particular issue.

All that said, we do agree with the principal of what Mr Walker is suggesting here and what we need to do is sit back and decide how we go about it. Watch this space for developments on the website! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Service Manager. "