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  • Posted : 18/04/2006
  • Name: Steve Stamps
  • Subject: Prevent wrong card details from being entered


" Consistent Good Service - Sales & RMAs
I have just had to RMA 2 different pieces of memory for 2 different machines.!! I know its easy to get it wrong when specifying memory so I spent ages checking and re-checking before placing my order. However, I still managed to get it wrong for BOTH machines, (arrggghhh) and thus had to ask for a refund and reorder.

I was VERY impressed at how helpful and cooperative scan staff always are, and accepted the memory for refund without quibble. Thanks Guys - You are doing a great job (Having worked with people in similar environment I know RMAs can be a thankless task).

Finally - a suggestion for improvement. Quite a few times when we or others place credit card orders the card verification fails - think its through spaces or dashes in the number, and/or too many characters in the crdit card name (eg: adding a company name for a company card). This is silly.

In each case its a phone call to get it sorted. It bugs me when this happens a few times, but I guess this might add 5-10 extra man hours to your customer services daily workload. PLEASE ASK YOUR IT PEOPLE TO VALIDATE THE TEXT AND/OR PUT A WARNING MSG ON THE WEB SITE. Thanks

------------Scan Employee Ref--------
Thanks to everyone! (except IT/web) "

Scan's Action

" First of all we'd like to thank Steve for his great positive comments. It's feedback like this which really puts a smile on our faces. :)

We're pleased to confirm that since his email we have made some changes to our ordering page so that it will do validation checks on the card details to prevent as much as possible any mistakes at the point of ordering. We have some more developments in the pipeline for the ordering page aswell so watch this space for even more improvements.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Service Support. "