The Word

  • Posted : 19/08/2006
  • Name: Stuart
  • Subject: Allow online amendments of orders


" Fantastic service from scan. I made a mistake on my order at 1am in the morning on the despatch date i realised. Some other component websites have the ability to ammend orders from the website. Scan doesn't have this feature, which at the time was slightly annoying. However i sent an e-mail there and then and i phoned in at 10:30 just to check the order was going to be ammended before dispatch. I spoke to a very helpful lady and she had already made the adjustment and it was all despatched the same day. Like I said it was a fantastic service, but i could of done with the ability to ammend online. "

Scan's Action

" We thank Stuart for his lovely comments - it's compliments like this which make our jobs a pleasure. :)

We're currently looking into a way for our customers to be able to amend their orders online and hopefully we'll have this implemented in the next few weeks.

Watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "