The Word

  • Posted : 12/07/2006
  • Name: Geoff Baldwin
  • Subject: Website font size too small?


" Just to advise you that the font you use in the list of catagories that displays at the top of each web page has recently been changed to on that is almost too small to read properly. Initially I thought that it was just my computer but I have checked on several computers at work and they are all the same. Please could you check it as it makes an otherwise brilliant web site really painful to use.

Regards "

Scan's Action

" Thanks to Geoff for his feedback. It's really important for us to ensure our website is easy to navigate and user friendly. I'm pleased to say that we're planning a big redesign of our website very soon and this suggestion should be addressed in the natural course of this.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "