The Word

  • Posted : 05/10/2006
  • Name: Karl McCarthy
  • Subject: You should ship to BFPO


" I must say that I am really surprised that a professional company such as SCAN are unable to deliver to BFPO addresses. I have no problems whatsoever with amazon, expansys etc.. Particularly when the system is simple to set up. I have always been a fan of SCAN and have been impressed with the regular email updates and online tracking tools. The following link will show you the companies who use the BFPO system (including a large number of small businesses, much smaller than SCAN), equally the contact details are available if SCAN should wish to enable easy use of BFPO for the huge number of military and civilian mod personnel working at BFPO addresses.

However, with respect to my order I am keen to have the items delivered to Germany but again query my eligibility to receive tax free goods. The procedure used through amazon is extremely simple in that I would order from amazon using my BFPO address (as proof of my tax free eligibility) I then send an email to [email protected] on receipt of the goods who immediately refund the VAT. Again it could be worth your while enabling a similar system, maybe amazon could tell you how they achieve it.

Karl McCarthy "

Scan's Action

" We thank Karl for his kind comments and very helpful feedback. It's through suggestions like his that we're really able to highlight the needs of our customers and focus in those areas.

We're pleased to say that we are looking into setting up an account with Mill Hill or Royal Mail which will allow us to ship to BFPO addresses in the future. It may take us a little time to set it up but please be assured we're working on it.

We hope to look forward to Karl's continued custom and offer a better service to all our BFPO customers out there in the near future! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager. "