The Word

  • Posted : 02/10/2006
  • Name: Yahya Patel
  • Subject: Why are your delivery charges higher than some competitors?


" Hi,

I would just like to ask why your delivery charges are so much higher then your competitors, do you have an alternative Standard service apart from the £12.15?

I was going to order a case from your "Today Only" special but including delivery the total came to nearly £41 so decided to do a little research, the same case at Micro direct including delivery without Today Only special came to £31 including delivery, the only problem is they don’t have the colour I want in stock, Ebuyer has the same case for £28 including delivery but again they are out of stock.

I would like to ask! Do you intend to bring your delivery charges inline with your competitors anytime in the near future?

If yes let me know.

Ebuyer Standard delivery = £5.20
Micro Direct Standard delivery = £4.99


Yahya "

Scan's Action

" We're really pleased to say that since Yahya's email we have had a big review of our pricing for carriage and our starting price for carriage has now been reduced to £5.99. We hope these reviewed prices have helped to make things more cost effective for our customers. :)

Roxane Wilkinson.
Customer Support Manager "