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  • Posted : 22/10/2006
  • Name: David Jones
  • Subject: Please simplify the Q Collect PODs in your shop



Subject: “Q-Collect Pods”

On using the “Q-Collect Pod” I found it a bit confusing to have reached the end of a section of the procedure and not to have had a continue button to click. This was because you had added other information at the bottom of the page.

I think the Q-Collect Pod is a great idea but as a first time user, and the procedure being a lengthy one, I did not find it easy.

If you can simplify the procedure a little more than it is, others who, like myself needed assistance, would not have to ask a member of staff for help thus allowing your staff to continue their work uninterrupted.


David G Jones "

Scan's Action

" We're pleased to confirm that since David's email we have reworded and redesigned the screens which appear during the buying process on our shop's "Q Collect PODs". We hope that the new design has helped to simplify the process and made it more user friendly. Many thanks to David for his constructive feedback.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "