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  • Posted : 12/11/2006
  • Name: Sean Devine
  • Subject: You should have customer reviews on your products


" I love your website, it's great to cut out the middle man and get fantastic deals combined with impeccable customer service.

However I do have a suggestion. If you go to a website such as (the American equivalent to Scan) you will see that their best feature is that next to their products they have user ratings and most importantly user reviews. This includes the Pro's, Con's, and Other's section.

As I am a big user of message boards, helping people choose which parts to choose I often point (UK users) to for your great prices but most of all your brilliant customer service. However I do often have to give them my own user review on a product or point them to a site such as

If you could add a section that included user comments/reviews/scores it would be a great help to all users and I'm sure you would sell more products. If you could add a compatibility list showing what parts work with what (e.g. this motherboard works with the following cpu's) you would help alot of new users but I think this is a bit of a stretch.

I hope you continue to deliver great value and great service, and if you do take up my suggestion I wouldn't be averse to a free water cooling system ;)

Sean "

Scan's Action

" Thanks to Sean for his great comments and very constructive feedback.

We have in the past considered having a similar system to companies such as Amazon and Newegg where each product is completely open to customers posting their own personal reviews, and also to have a customer forums or open product review / feedback section.

We do already have a forum based on HEXUS which is one of the leading worldwide online publications. The reason why we chose them to host our forum is because they are well known for being unbiased and have a great deal of credibility within the industry both with consumers, manufacturers and retailers alike.

Check them out - there's a really close knit community on Hexus of customers of all companies including Scan and not only are there discussion forums and "knowledge base" type help sections but they also give you the opportunity to post your own reviews of your experiences with online retailers in their "Hexus Trust" section. They also give detailed and unbiased / impartial and professional reviews of particular products, which goes back to what you were suggesting before.

Here's a link to the Scan forum:

Again we do thank Sean for his lovely comments and we hope to look forward to his continued custom in the future.

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "