The Word

  • Posted : 04/11/2006
  • Name: Matthew Clapp
  • Subject: Your site is awkward to log into


" Hi. I thought I'd say something slightly down-beat: when I go to most my site and enter details to logon, I enter username, password, etc, then as a "power user" hit Enter (with some force...?) and feel quite spiffy that I didn't have to press Enter/SignIn/etc.

With your site, I can't. After entering my details (which Firefox does admittedly help with), I have to press tab 5 times to "Proceed", or worse I sometimes even use the mouse.

Obviously my suggestion is therefore: please make it possible to press enter after having pressed enter, and have the browser automatically assume "Proceed" was "clicked". Then eBuyer, Dabs, Amazon and eBay (even) don't stand ANY chance, as far as I'm concerned.

That having been said, I'm exceedingly pleased with the general attention to detail you pay to your site's design (and therefore the above really suprises me).

Thanks a lot,
Matthew Clapp
Training Manager/Web designer
LIFE Solutions (a vastly inferior site) "

Scan's Action

" We know exactly what Matthew is saying here and yes we agree this can be bit of a niggle when you're logging in. We're pleased to say that we're planning to make our log in page a lot easier and quicker and it should be redesigned in the next few weeks. Watch this space! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "