The Word

  • Posted : 15/11/2006
  • Name: Paul
  • Subject: Make it clearer on your website that you cater for Ireland


" Hi Roxane,

Thank you for your personal response to my complaint.
It is much appreciated. :)

As I mentioned I do prefer Scan to Dabs. Dabs don't seem
as technical as Scan, and that is important when buying
technical components. Plus dabs have no customer support
telephone service, which is appalling really. Even their
internet chat service does not work on Saturdays.

It is good to know I can place an order with Scan via
telephone. I will do this in future. However may I suggest
that you add some text to your site, on the "Delivery" page
saying "we welcome orders from Ireland, Isle of Man etc,
however please phone in your order to us on xxxx". When looking who to place my order with I looked at both sites, to see if they said anything about orders from Ireland, and I could not find anything on your site about it.

Thanks again,

Paul "

Scan's Action

" We'd like to thank Paul for his nice comments about our service. We're sorry that we haven't made it clear enough on the website that we do cater for Ireland customers - we'd like to assure everyone that we most certainly do welcome and are able to process orders from ROI and non-mainland UK address, such as Channel Isles, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland etc.

The website doesn't accomodate for calculating the carriage for Channel Isles and ROI at the moment, as these are classed as international and have to go through a seperate pricing / despatch system by Citylink, so the online carriage calculator isn't able to give a price at the point the order is raised online so easily. However, this is set to change and in the next few months you will find that our website caters for these areas as quickly and easily as all others.

We have been shipping to ROI for over 12 years, and whilst admittedly it is a minority of the total orders we process every day, we still welcome every single order we get and will process them all with as much care and attention as all others. They just need to be processed manually, thats all, with the Citylink carriage system we currently have. Basically, you would just need to place your order online as normal, and enter "Dublin 6" or "Dublin 12" in the postcode field, so that it will let you proceed.

There is a note on the step 5 of 6 ordering page, which explains that we will give you a provisional carriage cost online, but this would be recalculated for you when we recieve the order, and pick / weigh it from our end. Basically, we have to pick it and pack it, to get the weight and volume before we can then manually calculate the correct carriage cost, so we would then hold the order, and ring or email you with the correct carriage charge.

Alternatively of course if you wanted to place an order and have a correct carriage charge there and then you can ring our sales dept and process your order that way. They can calculate it for you there and then which might be an easier way to do it for you.

In the meantime we will look into adding a note to the "Delivery" or "Ordering" page on the website to make it clearer that we do accept deliveries to these areas and again we thank Paul for his constructive comments. :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "