The Word

  • Posted : 04/02/2006
  • Name: Martin Truman
  • Subject: You should use boxes for OEM hard drives


" May I suggest that when sending out Hard disk drives that they are sent in a box between foam padding and marked fragile rather than just bubble wrap .

As hard disk drives have delicate electronic components this would save any potential damage to the drive when being handled by the courier company. "

Scan's Action

" Thanks to Martin for taking the time out to send us his suggestion. We have since invested in some boxes designed to give extra protection for our OEM hard drives. That said we do believe that the way we have shipped hard drives in the past (in anti-static bags wrapped with plenty of bubble wrap) was sufficient to ensure they arrived in good condition. The percentage of damaged goods to what we ship has always been way less than 0.01% and this figure hasn't been reduced any more by the use of these boxes - although it has increased our packing costs. However, we're still testing this suggestion over a period of months and if it proves to be a more successful method of shipping our OEM hard drives then we will continue to use it.

Many thanks for the feedback. :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "