The Word

  • Posted : 03/02/2007
  • Name: Wayne Testill
  • Subject: Customer loyalty / reward scheme


" I'm really impressed with this site, the service is great and i'm more than satisfied with the delivery time.

I've been a registered member for over a year now and ordered a few products from you which i'm happy with, my suggestion is, rather than giving away free gifts with certain orders, why don't you set up a reward scheme.

The more you spend, the more points you earn and those points can be converted to cash and used on future purchases, the free gifts are good but I think I had about three of the same gifts from you which I had no use for.

Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.

Wayne. "

Scan's Action

" We think this is a great idea and we're looking into ways of getting it up and running. Thanks to Wayne for his great feedback and watch this space for developments! :)

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "