The Word

  • Posted : 19/02/2007
  • Name: Rik Comery
  • Subject: You should have better search filter


" I have only recently stumbled across the Scan website, but have to say - as a web designer myself - I am very impressed by the clean look and easy to use layout. (not to mention the very competitive prices!!!) I find it very easy to find a particular product I want.

The only comment I really have is this. It would be really great if the search results pages had a kind of "Filter" system to remove results that do not meet my requirements. E.g., if i did a search for all motherboards, at the top of the results page would be several filters, one being Form Factor for example. Clicking "ATX" would remove all results that were not ATX motherboards. Each click of a filter would reduce the amount of results helping me to hone in on the perfect product.

It looks like all the specifications are already stored in a database, so adding this functionality would not really be a huge project, but in my opinion would perfect an already near perfect website. "

Scan's Action

" Thanks to Rik for his great feedback. We're pleased to say that we have a big redesign of our website coming soon which will make the search facility on the website much better!

Roxane Wilkinson
Customer Support Manager "