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  • Posted : 29/10/2007
  • Name: Dave Neale
  • Subject: Delay with Q-collect


" The Word From Scan Customer
Customer Comment Details
Q-collect is offered as an option when ordering online. When you put an order through that way the order should be dealt with with the same urgency as when the order is placed on the Q-collect pods instore.
You need a dedicated picker to deal with these orders as their first priority.
Come on waiting 3 hours for the order to be picked (it would have taken approx 15 mins from the instore pod) is ridiculous, I only placed the order online to try and save time having to wait instore as I have my leg in pot.
If I had not of contacted customer services to check the status of the order how much longer than the 3 hours would I have been expected to wait ?
This problem could quite easily be sorted to make customers experience better.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" I would like to take this oppertunity to thank Dave for his feedback, We have looked into this matter in great depth and implemented his suggestion we now have a dedicated member of staff to deal with Q-collect customers who place their orders online and a seperate member of staff to deal with Customers in store.
Hopefully this will ensure the procedure is quicker than usual.
Dawn Hartle
Customer Service Manager. "