The Word

  • Posted : 01/12/2007
  • Name: Mark Little
  • Subject: Pre12pm Saturday Delivery


" Customer Comment Details
ok, I ordered a wii from you and asked for Saturday delivery pre 12pm. Extra money!
I get up Saturday at 7.30. City Link have already left a card saying they've been. WHAT!!! I phone them, they are constantly engaged. I don't drive. Don't need to either because you deliver. The local depot is an hour away. I have 5 working days to pick it up or it will be sent back to you for a refund, oh but minus the delivery charges. Great so about 20 quid spent for nothing. I can't get to the depot on a working day because funny enough I work too. When I paid extra for a Saturday delivery I never realised that from midnight through till 12pm I would have to keep lookout or I was stuffed. I had a lot of respect for you guys recommending friends and family to you. I won't bother anymore. Totally sub standard. "

Scan's Action

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for his time and comments,

I apologise for any inconvenience caused, as you can appreciate due to the time of year and the increase in parcels and deliveries, the drivers do everything within their power to get all goods delivered as scheduled.
We advertise the delivery Pre-12 but we do not advertise what time they start delivering as it is dependant on the depot and how many parcels they have to attempt.
Please advise would you like us to re-arrange delivery for another day or request they leave it with a neighbor if you are not available.

Kind Regards
Dawn Hartle
Customer Services Manager "