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  • Posted : 21/02/2008
  • Name: W Balcombe
  • Subject: Leave goods safe


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Customer Comment Details
Scan refused to contact City Link to enable a Parcel to be left with a signed note even when i offered to take full responsibility for the cost / parcel. Then said they would charge me extra to have it delivered somewhere else, even though on phoning City Link there is no charge for this, all this after waiting for half an hour on hold to them. Scan seem to only bother with customers economicaly viable to them.
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Scan's Action

" I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Balcombe for his time and comments,

As explained last night during our telephone conversation, it clearly states on our website when ordering we require a signature for every parcel delivered, if you would have contacted us on reading our terms and conditions we may have been able to change the address prior to dispatch to avoid any additional charges. If anything was to happen to the parcel for example if the goods were stolen without a signature being provided we would be liable and have to re-issue the goods as we would have authorised Initial City Link to leave the goods safe, this is company policy and we gave many other options including the following:
1. Arrange for someone to be in to take delivery and sign for the goods.
2. Collection from your City Link depot.
3. Arrange for the goods to be sent to an alternative address but as Initial City Link have already attempted to deliver on one occasion there is a small fee of £5.95 + vat for re-direction.

I apologise if you feel these options are unaceptable, these are agreed between ourselves and Initial City Link and are the same for all customers and all deliveries.

I believe you have contacted Initial City Link directly and arranged for the parcel to be delivered on the 25th Febuary. If you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me further.

Kind Regards,
Dawn Hartle
Customer Services Manager. "