The Word

  • Posted : 31/03/2008
  • Name: Kristian Brown
  • Subject: System Lost by City Link


" System was lost by our courier at their central hub.

See Actions:

**********************************************************************************THE RESULT**************************

Thanks for the update - I understand that it wasn't Scan's fault in any way - it was just one of those things.

It's the 2nd PC I've purchased from you this year - and if I was to win the lottery, I'm sure I'd come back for more :) I've actually swapped to yourselves for purchasing smaller items (from - due to the fact you have real people to backup the website, while I had a nightmare once with Dabs when an order when wrong in their systems (e-mail only contact, automated almost 100%).

Obviously if the PC DOESN'T turn up tomorrow I'll start getting impatient ;) but I'm sure that won't happen.

Thanks to you and your team.

Kristian. "

Scan's Action

" 31/03/2008 - Reported System had not arrived

31/03/2008 - Ben (Systems Support) - Passed to Customer Services (Dawn + David)

31/03/2008 - CS Contacted City Link to find out where the system had got to...City Link looking into

01/04/2008 - Customer services chased this up again with City Link again...City Link looking into again

02/04/2008 - System located - Customer informed and given a delivery refund as a goodwill gesture

Customer Emailed in with the above email....

03/04/2008 - Delivered to customer Pre 12 "