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  • Posted : 22/04/2008
  • Name: Paul Snellgrove
  • Subject: Late delivery


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Customer Comment Details
Purchased goods for delivery on Monday 21st April 2008. Parcel tracked them to find the goods were not loaded onto delivery van till 22nd April 2008. had taken annual leave to take delivery of goods! It is not the first time goods have not arrived on set date from Scan and City link.
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Scan's Action

" We do thank Paul for taking the time to send us his feedback and we have carefully checked all the facts on his order to see which area we have let him down and where we can take note to improve in the future.

The requested delivery date given at the point of ordering was Monday the 21st April, the order dispatched us on schedule Friday the 18th for next working day delivery unfortunately on this occasion Initial City Link made an error and mis-routed the parcel this does happen with courier companies on some occasions due to the amount of volume we ship. Due to the goods being shipped to an incorrect depot this meant they could not delivery on time and we have entered a claim for the delivery cost to be refunded due to this and are awaiting their response.

We hope that we have not lost Paul's custom and that he is able to give us another chance in the future. :) "