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  • Posted : 29/06/2008
  • Name: Martin Finbow
  • Subject: Your new website


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Customer Comment Details
Just to complain at the new website.
While I can understand trying to improve things, if it wasnt broke, dont fix it!

Just a few things listed so far:
-The scrolling of the site is now terribly slow using high CPU cycles
-Viewing Categories does not show all items as default, you have to click SHOW ALL to show them!
-"Sort by" is per category only.
-Advance Search has lost most of its functions and are now useless

This has made using Scan so much harder and time consuming, and I find that the website no longer offers me the tools to find exactly what my customers want with ease.
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" Hi Martin,

Thank you for your feedback,
With response to your comments, our web development department team have been working hard to resolve the speed issue as this has been raised by a few other customers also.
We feel this was a main priority and have worked hard to make this improvement.
All other points you raised are still being looked into.

Regards, "