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  • Posted : 01/08/2008
  • Name: Sam
  • Subject: Proceed Order Button


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Please rename the "proceed" button to "confirm order" as people dont always read all the text and read the buttons, proceed is misleading, especially as the previous website used to show you the order when you pressed proceed, then you clicked "confirm".

I pressed this wanting to see all the details of the order but the order was then placed, i know several other people who are annoyed at this.

Luckily i was already going to order from here but if i wasn't i'd be very annoyed that i'd have to contact you to cancel the order.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Sam,
Thank you for your comments, I have forwarded your comments onto our Web development team and also our Directors we will be making improvements and amendments where possible and we will prioritise them accordingly,
Regards Dawn, "