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  • Posted : 23/07/2008
  • Name: James Griffin
  • Subject: Multiple Baskets


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Some people may find the ability to have multiple baskets available (solong as the baskets are saved).

For example, I might want to build 2 seperate PC's for 2 different people, so I want to spec each one up individually to know what the costs involved are, then get in touch with the people to let them know what the cost is, then as I get the money from people, I can just go back to the appropriate basket and continue with the order.
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Scan's Action

" Hi James,
Thanks you for your suggestions, I have forwarded your comments onto our Web development team and also our Directors, they have advised we shall be implementing either some form of Wishlist or tha ability to save baskets.
Please watch this space and I will update you further.
Regards dawn, "