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  • Posted : 22/07/2008
  • Name: James Griffin
  • Subject: Sort Filter


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Congratulations on the new site, but there is one thing that is really starting to annoy me with it. Is there anyway, I can make it so it list items by "description" rather than price by default (I cant find anywhere that I could do this). Also, if I am looking at a list, and change the sort order to "description", then click on an item, then go back, it is back at normal sorting order, and I have totally lost my place where I am.

Just one of those little things that would make a lot of difference to me.

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" Hi James,
Thanks you for your comments I have spoken to our web deveolpment department and they looked into your issue and have tried to implement a lot of the comments and suggestions made, unfortunately your comment was not possible we can not ensure it sets it to default once you select a filter sorry.
Regards Dawn, "