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  • Posted : 24/08/2008
  • Name: Tigrian
  • Subject: Like the site, shame about the couriers


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Hi folks,

Wasn't sure about the new website at first. It's slower than the old one and took me a while to get used to it.

Still the same carrier I see which is a shame because on a number of occasions in mine, and my friends experience, they have let you down. It would be good to see an alternative offered for those of us that don't get on with your first choice (maybe it's a local thing)?

The one thing that would be really useful for me would be to be able to save your basket into a cookie for picking up again in a later session on the same PC. At the moment I need to print what I have chosen and then re-enter it all when ready to buy.

Do kind of like the new site now I'm used to it mind. More I get used to your chosen carrier less I like them however!

Thanks and regards,
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Scan's Action

" We thank Tigrian for his comments and are happy that with some use he is getting more comfortable with the new site. Any changes takes take to adjust!

As for Citylink, they are generally a good courier company. We know that not all couriers are perfect, but we do feel we have made the correct choice. Citylink have varying service levels depending on the branch locations and we have logged an offial complaint with them based on your feedback.

Regards, "