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  • Posted : 27/08/2008
  • Name: Robert Taylor
  • Subject: Vat Cost Incorrect


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I have noticed that the VAT is completly wrong on the site and you are overcharging customers which is serious.

For example: Mercury KOB430 8 Button IBM Compatible Digital Joypad

Item cost: 1.49
Vat 17.5: 26p
Total: 1.75

In the basket, VAT charge displayed as 1.45 which is added to the order.

Customer paying over 5 times more.

All the items appear to be overcharging customers on the VAT.

The mind only boggles how this has never been picked up and how long this has been happening.

I would suggest that you take the shop offline and fix this problem.


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" Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email,

I can confirm the vat is correct, the way our website works is the cost of the item plus the cost of the carriage charge and then vat on both the above, The delivery service charge is not just carriage, it's shipping plus handling and also insurance for your parcel and it covers many things. This is why we charge vat for it, as it's not just a carriage charge, it is a general service charge. I hope this helps to clarify and please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything else.

Kind Regards, "