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  • Posted : 14/09/2008
  • Name: G. Hewson
  • Subject: Scanshot


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Customer Comment Details
After making my first purchase from Scan, I was disappointed about a week later to receive your newsletter. It said I was receiving it because I had signed up to it. I certainly didn't sign up for your newsletter, and if there was an opt-out button when I made my purchase, it was very well-hidden. You did not seek, or gain, my permission.

At this point, I might have dismissed you and never done business with you again. I was quite impressed, though, at having received several emails detailing the progress of my order. I also read the text at the end of your newsletter about your 3XS philosophy. Clearly you aim to please.

Here is my constructive criticism, then:

Why does a new customer have to create an account and remember yet another password? It seems to be the norm now, but it wasn't always so. Does a bricks-and-mortar shop make a new customer open an account? Make it optional; by all means point out whatever benefits there are.

Allow new customers to opt to receive your newsletter. Make a tick-box with the default unticked. When the newsletter says "You are receiving this email because you signed up to the Scan newsletter", make it the truth.

I was quite impressed, as I said, with the emails about the progress of my order. I've never received such detailed messages from another company. However, I read the messages when I got home in the evening, and I didn't really need to know that that morning the invoice had been printed, and some minutes later the payment had been authorised. I'd have been happy to receive just one message, as I get from other companies, to say my order had been dispatched. Yet I missed the "Order despatched" message, because the previous messages had reached the limit I'd set on my address, and Spamgourmet had eaten it (I subsequently raised the limit). So tell your new customers to expect multiple messages, or allow them to choose.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Mr Hewson,

Thank you for spending the time to send us your views.

I have taken on board your points and would like to give the following explanation.

1) Scanshot sign up - This is a new feature for Scan. There is a link on the new site that had failed to activate on some accounts. This is being looked into, however, please feel free to unsubscribe from the service using the link in the newsletter. The worst case scenario by this failed activation is that you get an unwanted email that can easily be unsubscribed from. Please be assured this will not happen again.

2) The reasons for having to create an account is because..
a. We perform very in depth security checks prior to shipping goods. Unless we verify our customers, the fraud levels would skyrocket. We catch some £20k per day in fraudulent transactions on people missing identities. We appreciate there are growing concerns about data protection, and likewise we also fall victim.
b. Detailed information is needed for shipping addresses so to store this saves time on subsequent orders.
c. Details are needed for Warranty purposes i.e 1 person without a login could have several transactional based accounts that would be a lot harder to search and verify and RMA requests.
d. Account reconciliation. You sales and cash receipts are held in an individual account. The sales ledger is a lot tidier. Helping us maintain a better service level for upgrades/downgrades
For this same reason and was we need to log all items by serial numbers, our Bricks and mortar outlet does require taking customer details. In much the same way as a car dealership would in comparison to ASDA.

The above in our opinion outweigh the need to remember a password.
3) Order processing Mails. I am happy you like this feature. Incidentally we also send a SMS confirmations as well :.

The reason for the 4 stage process is that should your order be blocked in any of our 4 stages you will be informed at which stage your order was blocked and why.
e.g if your payment got declined, the Pay Auth mail would be triggered meaning until resolved you would not receive stage 3 and 4. We want to be able to give as much information as possible on any possible delays should they arise.

"The 3XS mindset is adopted by all at Scan, from placing your order to after sales service we would like to offer you our assurance that our staff and procedures will keep you updated at all times to help meet your expectations of us."

Each message shows stage X of 4. This does tell the customer how many emails to expect. However, we can certainly look into making this clearer.

As for giving a customer a choice on which emails they wish to receive? This is a difficult thing to explain to customer on how to choose.

We have not really considered the "Scantrak" service emails to be a nuisance hence not devoted time to redesigning an already complex system.

I hope the above gives you a better insight.

Kind Regards, "