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  • Posted : 16/09/2008
  • Name: Jason Sclater
  • Subject: Scanshot


" -------------------------------------
Customer Comment Details
Scanshot e-mails look like Phishing attempts. Specifically, the unsubscribe link is to rather than part of Scan.

Who are these people? Why do they have my e-mail address?

It wouldn't be so bad if I could find a way on the Scan site within the account details to unsubscribe but there does not seem to be such an option.

In summary: I am concerned that you seem to have passed my e-mail address to another company. If these e-mails do not come from you please be aware that they are being sent out by someone.

------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" Hi Jason,

Our Director asked me to forward you his comments also,

Thanks for sending us your comments and thank you for your custom.

Please don't worry. We are using the Emailvision to send out the Scanshots. Please be assured that Scan is in control of the sender list and content. As stated in our privacy policy we do not sell on your data to third parties.

There is an unsubscribe option at the header and footer of the Scanshot and this has been verified to be working ok.

Please could you verify you can see this?

We are looking into the unsubscribe option on our site and why in some cases it does not appear. This is down to the new site and will be rectified immediately.

Sorry if you feel you have been inappropriately contacted.

Regards, "