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  • Posted : 22/09/2008
  • Name: Mike
  • Subject: Security Login driving me nuts


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No offence guys but your security login is driving me nuts, i've basically all but given up with your site because I cant buy anything, i cant remember how i spelt my mothers maden name (sometimes case sensitive), I recently moved house (so the post code thing is bugging me as well) by the time i've reset that i have no idea what my password is etc, unfortunatly i'm back to being a fan of dabs at least I can log in without all this security hassel! Pls Pls do something about it!
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" Thanks for the response.

This is an unusual comment for the following reasons.

1) It's hard for us to help you spell your mothers maiden name. The system will work it through like any other security system i.e try entry with caps on or off.
2) You have forgotten your most important security question so in essence you are locked out. This is the whole idea of having a security system.
3) I will arrange to have someone call you to verify the details, or you can simply create another account.

Sorry, but the security check is there for a reason and has been verified in full working order. I know that other companies may have more relaxed systems, however the market is subject to more and more card fraud and we want to do our utmost to prevent this happening to our customers.

Please expect a call soon to help you with this,

Regards, "