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  • Posted : 28/09/2008
  • Name: Simon
  • Subject: Why not use Royal Mail


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Why doesn't SCAN use standard 1st class Royal Mail delivery instead of CityLink (or use both)? I wanted to order a 69p cable from your site but with CityLink delivery it costs a whopping £8.67!!! I may as well just buy the cable locally for that price. By sticking with CityLink you are NOT doing your company any favours as customers will just shop elsewhere, like who have FREE delivery.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Simon,

Thank you for taking the time out to send us your thoughts and feedback on our website. It is greatly appreciated!

Here are some of our issues in using a standard postal service.

1) "Jiffy bag in the post" or using Royal Mail, unfortunately this is not a feasible method on a large scale unless you are prepared to give an average/poor service to customers and large potential claims for lost parcels.

The postal service cannot be tracked with the efficiency that dedicated couriers offer. This often leads to more items get lost in the post that they do with a courier and the admin needed to chase up the postal service outweighs the cost saving. Lost parcels lead to delivery disputes that result into chargeback's via the customers bank. There is no way these claims can be defended without a dedicated courier.

I know play are a big player however my assumption is that their average selling price is far lower than our typical basket based on the products they sell on their site. Their products are not as technical in nature, if we were to sell DVD and games to would use the postal service.

We have look at our product range and see which products can be sent via post. On doing this exercise, there are several factors at work, the technical, the value, the warranty, the insurance, the tracking, the disputes all playing important roles.

In short, it does not make sense to run two delivery systems for a small range of products that could possibly be shipped via post.

2) If you compare our carriage costs for a courier service you will see we are one of the only companies who offer the delivery date option at a cost in line with the market. i.e you have the choice to request when you want your item delivered. This is not possible with the post.

3) If you have a larger basket the cost of carriage per items drops. There is a minimum threshold on order size and cables etc fall below this threshold. I do understand your point in full, and on small value items it is not economical to use a courier. As your basket value increases there will be a point where it becomes more economical.

Regards, "