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  • Posted : 01/10/2008
  • Name: Craig Wignall
  • Subject: Idea on new website


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Customer Comment Details
* found the previous version of the website cleaner, less clutered and easier to use. I do acknowledge that we all have different opinions, however there are a few real problems:

1. You seem to default to the larger picture view of products rather than the list view. On a slow connection (3G) this is a pain in the neck. Clearly it's pointless to switch to list view afterwards, as the delay in download has already occurred.

2. The search results says, "showing 10 results per page" normally there would be a way of increasing the number of results per page (50,100,all etc). If there is a way, it is not obvious.

3. The order by price function in the search results only orders the products on the current results page. This is a total nightmare when looking through products at a particular price point. My most recent search had 110 results over 11 pages - I couldn't even be bothered paging through them, I just gave up. If I could have seen all the results in one go and/or sorted ALL the results by price I would have found what I was looking for in seconds.
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Scan's Action

" Please allow me to answer your questions as best I can.

*we have added many more layers and different markets to the site. For example pro audio, pro video, etc. With these additions, we needed to try and keep the basics of the old site whilst needed to expand into other markets.

1. I assume you are looking at the new arrivals section once you have made a selection from the Main category. If you click on the relevant sub category, then you will find the default view is a line listing.

Please correct me if I have misunderstood your point.

As for the slow connections this is why we do not default to a large picture view. But maybe we can consider a line list default for NEW ARRIVALS! This is good comment for us to reflect on.

2/3. This is in development to change and you will see the changes soon. I agree with your points. This should be done within 3 weeks.

All your points have been noted and we will take action. we will keep the improvements happening to make it easier to use.

Thanks for being open with Scan.

Regards, "