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  • Posted : 01/10/2008
  • Name: marcello leonardi
  • Subject: Mobile Browsing


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Customer Comment Details
Would be good if your site was optimised for Blackberry users. I ended up buying from PC world whilst out and about, as I couldn't find your offering due to site navigation. For example, category filters overlap and cannot be read. Search facility is at the bottom and goes takes you back to the top after hitting the search key. Sincerely, M.Leonardi
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Scan's Action

" Hi Marcello,

We have been thinking about introducing Mobile Browsing.

Mobile browsing is something we plan to in the near future but this means quite a lot of development.

However in the mean time, if you do need to order when you're out and about, please call us.

Not all web companies have a contact centre. This is why we have a hassle free contact number and we can give you whatever help you need and process your order.

Thanks for your feedback, it has been noted and will be actioned.

We'll keep you posted.

Regards, "