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  • Posted : 05/10/2008
  • Name: Derek Lambourne
  • Subject: Save Basket Function


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It would be helpful if the basket wasn't deleted so quickly after closing web page. So many times after putting items in the basket I have left it til the following day to maybe add and complete the order, but this means a trawl back though the site filling the basket from start again. Also, when placing orders, a system where you can add further items to an unprossesed order that hasn't yet been picked would be helpful. I'm forever forgetting something and then have to pay extra postage.
Next, on the order invoice is a comment "Price brand * used" (*= 6 for me)How do customers enter different price bands?
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Scan's Action

" Hi Derek,

We have received a few request regarding the save basket function, and we are working on this currently.We still have a few updates to make and all work is being priorities accordingly. The save basket function should be live approximately mid November.

As for the price bands, these are mainly used for internal use as we have some customers who are Trade or managed accounts and also for promotional offers.

If you require any other assistance in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us further.

Kind Regards, "