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  • Posted : 07/11/2008
  • Name: Shahid Khan
  • Subject: Too many sections on the new website


" The Word From Scan Customer
Nature Of Response: Comment
Name: Shahid Khan
Customer Comment Details
I just bought a product from your website but with very much difficulty. Very Good products, but very bad website.
The website has so much stuff, and so many sections on every page that I got lost ;)

On Checkout page It Show's CVV with a Question Mark Icon, but when you click on question mark - no help provided.


Shahid "

Scan's Action

" Hi Shahid,

Thanks for the feedback, it is really appreciated that you have taken the time to pass on your views.

You are correct in saying there are a lot of sections on the site and categories.

The problem that we have encountered here, is that if we did not have as many sections you would need to replace them with “facet searches”, and this would mean more clicks to get to the products you need. This would make comparisons more tricky and difficult to segment technologies in a logical manner. By this I mean the natural grouping of technology would be removed and be replaced with two clicks which does not make any sense.

Your comments regarding the the “?” on the CVV page are again completely correct, and this oversight will be rectified asap. Thanks for the nudge on this : )

Once again thanks for your feedback. It has been noted and actioned. "