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  • Posted : 09/12/2008
  • Name: t.williams
  • Subject: Complaint re City Link


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Customer Comment Details
ordered goods from yourselves last week. invoice E1170710
box of monitor had hole in it (thankfully worked ok) box of graphics card crushed (but working ok). citylink turned up at 130pm i said to chap he was lucky we where just going out but neighbour was in to take stuff, he said if we not in tough he would take stuff back to base and not bother going neighbours house because they where too busy to go knockin elsewhere.
i think you should start offering customers options to recieve stuff from other companys like royal mail the woman whos delivers for them always goes to neighbours house.
i did say to driver next time i would rather spend the £9 odd delivery costs and and go and pick up stuff myself and sod his company which he was not happy with this comment
------------Scan Employee Ref-------- "

Scan's Action

" Hi Mr Williams,

I have received the following response today, from Initial City Links complaint department.

11th December 2008


I refer to your correspondence regarding the problems you have experienced with the delivery of your consignment. As previously advised, your comments have been escalated via our Quality Assured complaints procedure and I would like to thank you once again for taking the time to bring these issues to our attention.

The senior management team at our Chester depot have now investigated the events surrounding this delivery. Jon Ashcroft, the Depot Manager advised that he has never had any issues with this driver before. He has interviewed the driver who has explained his version of events and said that Mr Williams did say he could leave it with a neighbour but the driver never said 'tough'. Mr Ashcroft has suitably reprimanded the driver for his attitude and behaviour as this is not an acceptable level of service.

The Chester depot constantly strives to provide an exceptional level of customer service and take very seriously complaints that may adversely affect customer relations. Mr Ashcroft has asked that his most sincere apologies be passed on to you for any upset or inconvenience that may have been caused on this occasion.

Yours sincerely "