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  • Posted : 10/12/2008
  • Name: Gavin Taylor
  • Subject: Complaint Re delivery charges


" I am writing to complain about your services.

I wanted to buy 2 small a simple items. A USB2/Firewire controller card and a DVI to HDMI cable.

I added them to my basket and was promptly informed that that postage would be £7... does it come wrapped in gold by any chance?

Do you just charge one price no matter what the package contains, it's size, shape and weight are of no importance what so ever.

On top of that, you insist on adding vat after the postal fees have been applied... thus adding a little extra in your pockets... I imagine that comes to a nice tidy sum when multiplied by every customer.

I have been a custyomer of yours in the past, always buying in larger quantities... but when the postal fees cost 50% of the items ordered... well it becomes a joke. You actually discourage people from ordering little things from you.

I shall now be shopping elsewhere for these things, and won't be coming back again... even for the larger items.

Thanks for letting me know what you're really like.


Query Type: Customer Services
Name: Gavin Taylor "

Scan's Action

" Dear Gavin

Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you feel you have to shop elsewhere.

You have relayed several points so please allow me to reply to them.

1) £7.00 Delivery Charge. This is a minimum order cost for a courier next working day delivery. We do not use royal mail for reasons I shall explain below. If you were to add items up to 5KG your order delivery cost would still be £7.00
2) Cheaper Royal mail deliveries - Royal Mail cannot be tracked or insured in the same way as a courier Initial City Link orders are tracked as soon as collected from our store. This causes a big potential issues when customer order items that cannot be traced immediately and as a rule we only offer a trackable next day courier service to ensure goods are delivered on time and as requested.
3) Credit Card Charge backs - Often Credit card holders can dispute transactions that cannot be tracked by post. This causes big losses for ourselves and other companies. The credit card companies will favour any service request if they know parcels have been delivered by a Courier who is paid to obtain Proof of delivery.
4) Minimum Carriage weight 5kg - Our rates for next day courier timed service are comparable. Your issue is why we don't use Royal mail. For the above reasons I am sorry.
5) VAT - Courier Charges are VAT chargeable and there is nothing we can do to avoid this, it is not only a carriage cost it is also handling, Insurance and number of other reasons.
6) Loyalty - If you have been a loyal customer I can only assume we have given you a fair to good service.
7) Little things ordered - Little things may still cost a lot. In this case if we cannot track the delivery we run into the problems as stated above. E.g SO DIMMS, cables all could be sent in the post. However should they get lost or damaged or you need to trace then with Royal Mail our hands would be tied. We feel our minimum delivery charge for a couriered next day delivery are competitive. Small orders still need to be tracked and delivered!
8) "Adding a little extra in your pockets" - Courier costs are chargeable to VAT. Please also bear in mind we are a Business and not a registered Charity. Unless we can make a small profit we cannot survive. Our prices, our service and charges are transparent!

We are sorry to lose your custom, but we have had to balance your views with Cost V Benefit. We believe the tracking and guaranteed delivery is a small price to pay for the increased risk and exposure.

We are sorry to have to loose your custom as we feel we have given you a full explanation to your points.

Kind Regards, "