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  • Posted : 17/01/2009
  • Name: Mr Graham Stone
  • Subject: "tick boxes"


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Customer Comment Details
I would like to cancel order number 00E1183170, but there is no option on your website. Please cancel this order immediately. The outstanding products screen does not have any "tick boxes" to tick either in Internet explorer or Firefox.
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Scan's Action

" Hi Graham,

Thank you for your email,

First of all let me apologise for not replying sooner, we have been receiving high call volumes over the last few day which has resulted in a backlog of emails.

I can confirm order E1183170 has been cancelled and refunded in full, any emails sent through our website weather it is via the support link or the word page, shall come through to the relevant department for us to action your request.

Thank you for your constructive comments regarding our website.

I have forwarded your comments onto our website development department they have advised they are looking into the matter regarding tick boxes and shall be implementing some changes shortly.

Kind Regards, "