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  • Posted : 16/01/2009
  • Name: Marc Pearson
  • Subject: Software does not work


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Customer Comment Details
I have had issues with your currier, yet again! Please stop using city link! There rubbish. I have phoned about this on tuesday and was promissed an E-mail which I'm still waiting on, that 4 days now! Also, I have discoved that the software bundled with the sony bluray play dosn't work, and in order to use this drive as a bluray play, you have to spend aroun $100(us) to get it to work. I suggest review the product description, and reviewing your currier choice.
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Scan's Action

" I would like to take this opertunity to thank Mr Pearson for his comments.

Having spoken to him via the phone, it appears the software provided by Sony was possibly incompatable with Mr Pearson system, he has managed to get the drive to work and has been instructed if he should need our assistance further we would take this up with Sony on his behalf.

The issue with the courier company City Link is being dealt with seperately and we are currently attempting to obtain a carriage cost refund as a gesture of goodwill from them for any inconvenience caused.

Regards, "