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  • Posted : 05/02/2009
  • Name: Mr N Youngs
  • Subject: Payment Issue


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Customer Comment Details
Your new system has, in my view, a flaw under the payments area. When using AMEX the system calls for the 3digit CVV from the BACK of the card. It should call the 4 digit from the front of your card but please note the risk of confusion because AMEX has TWO security numbers and you should clarify this.

What is more there is no mechanism on line to correct this.

Also your system does not generate a message a message to the customer to say there is a problem.

In these respects the system is 3rd rate!

I would feel happier if I saw a senior managers name under departments, rather than see this disappear into customer service where little will be done! "

Scan's Action

" Dear Mr Youngs,

Thank you for your comments. You have indeed found an issue with the site I apologise this was not picked up on prior to you ordering. I hope you will be pleased to know that the points you have raised below have been worked on and are now fixed.

Please see below, as we have made some adjustments and corrected any errors.

1) The "?" next the CVV now works and will advise customers of the security digits upon prompt.
2) We have placed some text in the CVV help showing that American Express security requires 4 digits and not 3 digits as with most other payment methods.
3) We are currently reviewing all the validation and making the changes to give more relevant prompts in the event of an error. This will take some more time.The estimated time for this to be fully completed should be within the next week.

Please be assured that we listen to customers comments and pride ourselves on being proactive to requests. I hope our actions prove that customer queries do not go unattended with "little work". They all get acted on from the management level down.

We clearly state this on our site. If you have time see the link

I would like to thank you for taking the time to report the error and for your custom.

It has been a pleasure to serve you.

Regards, "