The Word

  • Posted : 28/03/2009
  • Name: Jack
  • Subject: A loss of functionality...


" With the new layout, I cannot use middle mouse button (click scroll wheel) to open a category in a new tab, or even right click the link and select open in a new tab. Since I am often browsing for more than one item at once, it seems a real loss of functionality. "

Scan's Action

" Hello Jack,

Thanks for the information,

We do have this function available, but at the moment this is only with the selection of the subcategory. This will work with a right mouse click.

We are constantly making improvements to the new website, mainly based on customer feedback and reports, and shall definately look into seeing if this is possible to do with the selection of the primary category.

Please keep an eye out for any changes, and thanks again for your feedback.

The Scan Team. "