The Word

  • Posted : 06/04/2009
  • Name: Thomas Janes
  • Subject: Search Filter Limitations


" The Live search on the site is pretty weak, searching for "intel core i7 processor" returns 0 results. Surely some room for improvement? "

Scan's Action

" Thanks for the feedback Thomas.

Our "live search" feature is based on a optimisation of relevant phrases. The difficulty here is which phrase to use!

The term you have used, though relevant, was not as common as "Intel I7". This, as an example, produced a good result when entered into the live search.

We will of course take your point on, introduce it into the live search and have it optimised for you. You will also be pleased to know that the products can easily be found by navigation via the menu at the top of the main pages.

Thanks again for your feedback and custom : )

The Scan Team "