The Word

  • Posted : 26/04/2009
  • Name: Dominic Clifton
  • Subject: Scansure Green Text


" I'm writing to let you know that I find the text that now appears beneath many product descriptions in the list of products which advertised the installation insurance seriously detracts from any product list's readability. I find myself constantly reading it when I should be looking for the actual products that I want to buy. Surely the must be a less obtrusive way of advertising the installation insurance?

Please please please find another way. "

Scan's Action

" Hi Dominic,

Thank you for your feedback!

Why have we got "GREEN TEXT" under each product?

Simple, this is to get awareness up of this new service. This will change to a LOGO in time to come. Please keep an eye on the website for future changes.

The Scan Team "