The Word

  • Posted : 28/07/2009
  • Name: Pavel Petchko
  • Subject: Too many Log In fields!


" Your login system sucks! Who on earth has time to enter their first name, last name, their post code! and their mother's maiden name? What if I moved like 2 months ago and haven't updated my postcode? I have to remember my old postcode and enter that? that is very bad UI design! What if I don't know my mother's maiden name?? what if I never knew my mother? what do I enter then? The only reason I was willing to jump through these hoops is because the items I was buying were a few pounds cheaper at your site then at cleverpc. Had they not been I would have never bothered with you. Seriously, why don't you guys use openID? It will make registration/login a non issue to us users.

Also it would be nice to give delivery options. Sometimes I want an item delivered as soon as possible but at other times I would rather pay a few pounds less and have it come a few days later. (Amazon has a nice system where they offer free delivery on some small items) "

Scan's Action

" Hi Pavel,

Thank you for your feedback.

Here are the answers to your questions.

1) Our Login system.

There are two main reasons why we have these required fields. Both points concern security and the prevention of fraudulent activity. The first is so we more information about any potential fraudsters. By simply having an email address we don't have much to work from. Secondly, and most importantly, we need to protect all our customers from fraudsters and having this basic information helps deter fraud. Your point is valid and we are looking into it. Although quite complex, be assured we are on this.

2) Delivery options.

Simply put, Scan does not use Royal Mail as parcels cannot be tracked as well as they are through Initial Citylink. You'll be pleased to learn that we have now launched a new £3.99 service for smaller weight/value orders, and using this you CAN CHOOSE when you want your parcel delivered. AMAZON DO NOT OFFER THIS. Their service is based on a few days but they cannot guarantee a date. To check this out look in your check out page under Q DELIVERY!

3) Buying from Scan.

Price is of value to some, Service is a value to others. On balance we can't keep every customer happy, but we spend a lot of our time trying and listening.

Thanks for your custom.

The Scan Team. "